Heel pain treatments vary depending on the underlying causes and factors and the duration of the condition.

Management of heel pain

Investigation with x-rays and ultrasounds may required to determine the degree of damage and extent of injury.

Initial treatments focus on reducing the pain  and encouraging healing. The particular treatments used will depend on several factors including the person’s age, weight, activity levels, medical history and condition severity.


Heel pain treatments

Ice packs

Activity modification

Weight loss

Footwear modification

Strapping and Taping

Heel lifts and insoles

Custom orthotics

Tight soft tissue release with stretches, massage, rolling and dry needling

Muscle strengthening

Ultrasound and ESTW

Oral antinflammatories and corticosteroids injections

In some cases night splints, moon boots or surgery are considered


People who have had heel pain once can develop it again. Orthotics and appropriate shoe