A research paper has been recently published which confirms the use of custom bunion splints to reduce pain and improve the angle of deformity in the big toe joint.

A bunion is a progressive deformity of the big toe joint.The toe bones (phalanges) and the foot (metatarsal) bone move out of alignment at the metatarsal phalangeal joint, which results in an angled big toe and “bump” on the side of the joint.  Bunions can be managed conservatively with appropriate shoes, orthotics and splints. Surgery can be undertaken to realign the joint.

The study which was published in March 2017 had a study group which used a custom silicone splint for a minimum 6 hours a night for a year and compared this to the control group that did not use a splint. The findings were that the study group had a reduction in pain and a decrease in the bunion angle at the end of the year, while over this same period of time the control group had the bunion angle worsen.

Podiatrists have been using custom silicone splints for decades to treat toe deformities. They offer a conservative treatment option for patients who are not ready for or do not want surgery. This study validates custom silicone bunion splints and points to the added benefits of wearing the splints at night.

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Effectiveness of the custom-mold room temperature vulcanizing silicone toe separator on hallux valgus: A prospective, randomized single-blinded controlled trial

Navaporn Chadchavalpanichaya, Voraluck Prakotmongkol, Nattapong Polhan, PitchayaRayothee, Sirirat Seng-Iad


Prosthetics and Orthotics International

First published date: March-20-201710.1177/0309364617698518