Shin splints is a common leg problem

Shin Splints, or Tibial Stress Syndrome, refers to a painful condition that develops along the inside of the tibia (shin). The pain is commonly located at the front of the leg, and it can be  particularly tender where the muscles attaches to the shin bone.

Shin splints is  overuse injury caused by a repetitive load, usually brought on by strenuous activity. It presents in up to 15% of runners and is commonly associated with leg pain syndrome.  In its earlier stages, shin splints present as a general pain along the middle to lower part of the shin that comes and goes with activity. In its later stages, the onset of  shin pain is more persistent , lasting for periods of activity and rest.

One reason why shin splints may occur is due to a poor biomechanical relationship between the foot and leg. This can result from risk factors including excessive pronation, a tight Achilles tendon and weak foot core muscles. Other things that contribute to developing shin splints are poor shock absorption, type and intensity of training,  a history of previous lower