Insoles, Preformed and Custom made Orthotics

At Podicare we use a range of different in-shoe devices or products. Our Podiatrists will discuss with you WHY we would recommend them and WHAT are the best options for you.

What are Insoles?

Insoles are simple shoe liners that are worn inside a shoe. Insoles tend to be flat, with a small amount of padding or cushioning incorporated into the design.

At Podicare, our podiatrists use insoles as a base for more complicated designs or just to provide some simple cushioning. These simple insoles can be purchased over the counter and don’t require an appointment.

What are preformed orthotics?

Preformed orthotics are a moulded device that should fit the curves of the foot and provide the needed support and motion control. A simple version of these can be found in pharmacies and shoe stores, the materials in these tend to be softer and there will be less support compared to the ones that a podiatrist uses. Preforms used by podiatrists are more specialised to the  foot type and activities.

At Podicare, we have a large selection of preformed orthotics, each with different features. This allows our podiatrists to select the best one for your foot type. If further modification is required, our podiatrists will manually adjust the preformed orthotic by grinding away areas or adding more material. Preform orthotics cost between $50- $90 plus appointment fees.

What are Prescription Custom Orthotics?

Prescription Custom orthotics are orthotics that are made just for your feet. To make these our Podiatrists

Podiatrist applying a plaster cast

Plaster casting for custom orthotics

conduct a comprehensive examination of your biomechanics and gait. A plaster cast is taken of your feet and then these casts are sent to an orthotic laboratory. The lab uses the plaster molds to make wooden molds of your feet, and then an orthotic material is vacuum pressed to the molds. The lab technicians then shape the orthotic shell by hand and apply any additional features as per your prescription.

The result is a custom orthotics that are durable and made specifically for your feet. The wooden molds will be issued with your orthotic so they can be used again. A new pair of prescription custom orthotics cost

$660, inclusive of the casting, fitting and reviews.  Subsequent orthotics made off the existing molds will cost approximately $330


Podicare podiatrists choose to use the best device to suit you. They may suggest an incremental approach, starting with a simple solution and progressing to custom orthotics if required. Or it may be obvious that a custom device is required from the outset. Regardless of what device is decided, our podiatrists will make the decision in conjunction with the patient, to suit their circumstances and management plan. Health funds rebate podiatry and orthotics under the extras table.

To make an appointment to see a podiatrist about insoles and orthotics call our clinic on 08 9295 3471 or book an initial appointment online.