For parents of school aged children this week can be the busiest of the school holidays. To help with the buying of new school shoes I have put together a short list of my favourite shoe stores in and around Mundaring. Although there are many places to buy school shoes, I am confident if you start at these stores you will be able to find what you need in less time.

Mundaring Shoes is a local family run business with a selection of formal and sports shoes. Bruce Lees and his staff have many years’ experience in the footwear industry and can help you find the right school shoe. Mundaring shoes carry the ROC brand of school shoes, which are durable and are made from a quality leather. The shoes have a removable insole to allow extra growth or accommodate an orthotic. For sports shoes, Mundaring shoes have a range of New Balance and other brands to choose from. Another benefit of shopping locally at Mundaring is you don’t need to brave a large shopping centre with kids in tow at the end of the school holidays!

Athletes Foot in Midland– TAF in Midland Gate shopping centre stocks Ascent school shoes, which have a high comfort factor as well as additional insoles to accommodate growth and orthotics. Ascent come in the lace up and mary-jane styles, and have been designed with sport shoe features. Also being primarily a sports shoe retailer TAF have many shoes brands and styles to choose from when looking at a general sports shoes and sports specific shoes. Ask the staff which shoes are uniform compliant for your school.

Magic Shoebox in Maylands is a specialty children’s shoe store run by Podiatrist Kath Lloyd. They also carry harder to find, quality brands and styles, coupled with Podiatric insight on the right shoes to fit your child’s foot. The Magic Shoebox is a easy option for toddlers through to teens.

My final tips when visiting these shoe stores are:
– Take your child- even though you might know their size, foot width and length vary among shoe brands and styles
– Don’t be tempted to big a size bigger, go for the removable insole option. Wearing shoes which are too loose can lead to injury
– Don’t be tempted to buy the trendy and cool looking shoes (subject of pester power) , buy the shoe that best suits the purpose. Keep the others for weekend or occasional wear.

And finally best of luck shopping with your children, as Mum’s of school aged children as well, Veronica and I will be making the same trek to the shops before school starts too. We hope our guide helps too make it easier!