When there’s a limp in your step, who do you call?

Even with the rapid increase in health literacy over the past decade, Podiatry as a profession is still a relatively unknown and an under appreciated profession.

Podiatry is a health profession that focuses on the health of the foot and leg. It has a western medicine basis, and uses the same medical principals that are used by medical practitioners and physiotherapists, all focussed on the lower limb. As result you can come to a Podiatrist with any problem in the foot and leg, and if it is not within the Podiatrist’s scope to diagnose and treat , they will know which specialist to refer you on to.

Podiatrists have a wide scope, which starts at providing care for skin and toenail conditions, to wound care , to prevention of amputations, to injuries, to overuse conditions, aches and strains, to gait irregularities, to muscles imbalances to surgery.

To start a career as a Podiatrist, podiatrists must complete a university degree or a university postgraduate degree in Podiatry. Podiatrists who work in general practice are the the GP’s of the foot and leg. General podiatrists can complete study to become Surgeons. There are also Podiatry researchers and educators. All podiatrists who are practising are licensed and regulated under the Australian Government.

So to lose the limp, hobble over to the profession with the solutions- PODIATRY