Have you ever wondered if Podiatry services are covered by Medicare?

A common question that we often encounter from new and existing patients is if they can claim podiatry services under Medicare.

At the Podicare podiatry practice patients can claim a rebate through Medicare when they have been referred by their GP under the Enhance Primary Care (EPC)/ Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Program. For pensioners/ healthcare card holders we will bulk bill the podiatry consultation to Medicare, for others the Medicare rebate will cover the majority of the fee. Additional charges are applicable for consumables, and other types of services and devices provided.

The EPC / CDM was initiated by Medicare to provide patients with chronic medical conditions access to allied health services that would most benefit them. A chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for six months or longer, for example, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions and stroke. Under this scheme, a Medicare rebate is available for a maximum of five allied health services per patient per calendar year.

The GP determines whether the patient’s chronic medical condition would benefit from allied health services and allocates the number of visits on the referral form. A referral is valid for the stated number of services and if all services are not used during the calendar year in which the patient was referred, the unused services can be used in the next calendar year. When all referred services have been used, or a referral to a different allied health provider is required, patients can ask for a new referral from their GP.

At Podicare, a private podiatry clinic, there is normally a small gap between the Podiatry fee and the Medicare rebate, although pensioners and health care card holders are bulk billed under this scheme. A consumable fee of approximately $5 is additional to the service fee, as well as the cost of any devices or products issued.

Podiatry Services provided under the Medicare program

At your initial appointment at Podicare, your podiatrist will conduct an initial assessment and provide treatment if appropriate. A management plan will be created and another appointment will be scheduled for a High Risk Foot (HRF) examination.

The HRF examination allows your podiatrist to determine what implications, if any, your chronic disease may have had on your feet. It involves assessing your vascular and neurological status as well as a biomechanical exam. Your foot risk status will determine the frequency of follow-up examination and additional treatments. We keep your GP informed with regular reports and letters.

To arrange appointment under the Medicare program, consult your GP first to determine if you are eligible. Remember to bring your EPC/ CDM referral and Medicare card with you to your first appointment. Podiatry bookings can be made on 92953471 or online. Our clinic is at 1/5 Nichol St, Mundaring, WA.