Musculoskeletal conditions

Conditions that affect bone, joints and the muscles and are not caused by other disease or chronic conditions are known as musculosketetal injuries or conditions.

Examples of musculosketal conditions and injuries of the feet and legs that a Podiatrist would treat are:


Muscle tears,  strains or weakness

Ligament sprains and tears

Fasciitis or fasciopathy

Tendinitis and tendinopathy

Bone fractures and bruising

Joint capsule swelling, inflammation and restrictions

These conditions normally always cause pain and limit a persons normal activity.

In podiatry these conditions are often viewed from a person’s alignment , biomechanics and gait aspect. A Podicare Podiatrist will take a step by step approach to first reduce pain , allowing a return to activity then progressing to  rehabilitation and in the longer term prevention. we can refer you for Xrays and Ultrasound , MRI if warranted.

Podicare podiatrists will use a range  of therapies and devices to suit each individual and the specific condition. This could include strapping, padding, first aid advice ( P.R.I.C.E) , exercise programs, dry needling ( western accupunture), insoles , orthotics, footwear, braces and moonboot walkers.

Musculoskeletal injuries and conditions can also be classified as sporting conditions and developmental conditions.

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