When the knee cap does not glide correctly is often the result of poor lower limb alignment . Our podiatrist Vish Rajkumar discusses the condition of Patellofemoral Syndrome and how podiatrists treat it.

Patellofemoral syndrome

The patellofemoral joint refers to the articulation between the patella (knee cap) and distal femoral condyles. Patellofemoral syndrome is the term used to describe pain felt behind the knee cap at its articulation with the thigh bone. Symptoms occur when the patella does not glide correctly (misaligned) in the groove of the distal condyles.

Symptoms tend to develop gradually over time and are exacerbated by activities such as running, stair climbing and squats as the knee is continually bending, hence placing more load on the knee cap.

The most common causes of patellar malalignment include abnormal muscle imbalance and poor biomechanical control. Other external factors that should be considered include footwear, training intensity and training surfaces.

At your appointment, a thorough medical history and comprehensive biomechanical assessment will be performed to rule out other conditions and identity predisposing factors.

Treatment includes

  • Management of pain and associated inflammation (R.I.C.E)
  • Physical therapy – Exercises to stretch and strengthen surrounding muscle compartments
  • Support –Strapping,  Braces, foot orthotics and insoles
  • Advice on footwear, activity modification

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