Children’s feet are precious

They are born with soft bones and very loose ligaments that can be damaged by tight shoes or socks. By the age of 2 years, feet grow to be strong enough to carry the body’s weight.
From the toddler’s initial tentative steps, the foot and legs grow in size and shape until they develop an adult’s gait and posture, around eight years old.
Children’s feet and legs are not just little versions of an adult’s foot. From a newborn to adulthood the bones form, cartilage fuses and long bones twist to accommodate the requirements of the developing gait. At different stages it is a normal part of growth for the child to have flat feet, knock knees and even intoeing feet.
Babies will be checked by a paediatrician at birth for foot and leg problems. Although sometimes problems can develop as the child grows and are not detected unless they are looked for. If