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Verrucae and Warts of the Feet

Verrucae, commonly known as warts, are a growth of the Human Papilloma (HP) Virus. The virus is contagious and survives in damp areas such as changing room floors, swimming pools and shower areas. The HP virus is contracted through damaged or weakened skin from surfaces or direct contact. Warts are more common in school aged children, [...]

Verrucae and Warts of the Feet2017-06-02T02:13:18+08:00

Podiatry and Medicare

Have you ever wondered if Podiatry services are covered by Medicare? A common question that we often encounter from new and existing patients is if they can claim podiatry services under Medicare. At the Podicare podiatry practice patients can claim a rebate through Medicare when they have been referred by their GP under the Enhance [...]

Podiatry and Medicare2016-05-24T02:00:38+08:00

Keeping it simple to prevent diabetic foot complications

The Diabetic Foot Book The Podicare team is excited to announce it has published it's first ebook. This guide explains in simple terms, using diagrams and images, how diabetes can affect foot health. The complications of diabetes can be very serious and can lead to foot ulcers and amputation. It is important that people with [...]

Keeping it simple to prevent diabetic foot complications2017-04-21T02:07:06+08:00

The 3 most common reasons for ball of foot pain

Pain in the ball of the foot can be due to many factors. Pain in the front of the foot can develop in the joints or the soft tissues around the joints. Here I explore the three most common causes of ball of foot pain that we see in our podiatry clinic. Morton’s Neuroma is [...]

The 3 most common reasons for ball of foot pain2017-04-21T02:07:06+08:00