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Podiatry and Medicare

Have you ever wondered if Podiatry services are covered by Medicare? A common question that we often encounter from new and existing patients is if they can claim podiatry services under Medicare. At the Podicare podiatry practice patients can claim a rebate through Medicare when they have been referred by their GP under the Enhance [...]

Podiatry and Medicare2016-05-24T02:00:38+08:00

Knee cap pain that is caused by the feet

When the knee cap does not glide correctly is often the result of poor lower limb alignment . Our podiatrist Vish Rajkumar discusses the condition of Patellofemoral Syndrome and how podiatrists treat it. Patellofemoral syndrome The patellofemoral joint refers to the articulation between the patella (knee cap) and distal femoral condyles. Patellofemoral syndrome is the term used to [...]

Knee cap pain that is caused by the feet2017-04-21T02:07:06+08:00

Keeping it simple to prevent diabetic foot complications

The Diabetic Foot Book The Podicare team is excited to announce it has published it's first ebook. This guide explains in simple terms, using diagrams and images, how diabetes can affect foot health. The complications of diabetes can be very serious and can lead to foot ulcers and amputation. It is important that people with [...]

Keeping it simple to prevent diabetic foot complications2017-04-21T02:07:06+08:00

The 3 most common reasons for ball of foot pain

Pain in the ball of the foot can be due to many factors. Pain in the front of the foot can develop in the joints or the soft tissues around the joints. Here I explore the three most common causes of ball of foot pain that we see in our podiatry clinic. Morton’s Neuroma is [...]

The 3 most common reasons for ball of foot pain2017-04-21T02:07:06+08:00

Painful shins can be caused by your feet

Shin splints is a common leg problem Shin Splints, or Tibial Stress Syndrome, refers to a painful condition that develops along the inside of the tibia (shin). The pain is commonly located at the front of the leg, and it can be  particularly tender where the muscles attaches to the shin bone. Shin splints is [...]

Painful shins can be caused by your feet2016-04-04T23:27:27+08:00

Staggering statistics for the Diabetic Foot

The Diabetic Foot is a major modern health challenge At Podicare we recently viewed a lecture from Dr Alexander Reyzelman, DPM, Division of Vascular surgery at UCSF, which highlights how important prevention of  foot ulcers is to a person with diabetes. The statistics for foot ulceration and re-ulceration are staggering: 2-7% of diabetics will develop a [...]

Staggering statistics for the Diabetic Foot2017-04-21T02:07:06+08:00

Foot Orthotics: what you need to know

Why you should know custom prescription orthotics from preformed and insoles. Casting for orthotics These days the term “Foot Orthotics” is widely applied to anything is inserted into a shoe. It has been adopted by clever marketers to sell simple and moulded insoles. Unfortunately, this bundles together a group of devices that are [...]

Foot Orthotics: what you need to know2017-04-21T02:07:07+08:00

Fungal Nails, Laser and Podicare

At Podicare, we do not use laser treatments on fungal nails and let me tell you why. Laser is a relatively new treatment in the battle against toenail fungus (onychomycosis) and like any new therapy for a chronic problem it has lots of promise and hope. Unfortunately, goodwill is not enough to prove it works. [...]

Fungal Nails, Laser and Podicare2017-04-21T02:07:07+08:00

Corns and Callous Number 1 for Podiatrists

The most common of the foot conditions : Corns and Callous The one condition that Podiatrists definitely see the most is corns and callous. Here I discuss the reasons that they are so common and the difference between them. Corns and Callous are the same condition- hyperkeratosis- a hard overgrowth of the top layer [...]

Corns and Callous Number 1 for Podiatrists2017-04-21T02:07:07+08:00

Children’s Feet

Children’s feet are precious They are born with soft bones and very loose ligaments that can be damaged by tight shoes or socks. By the age of 2 years, feet grow to be strong enough to carry the body’s weight. From the toddler’s initial tentative steps, the foot and legs grow in size and shape [...]

Children’s Feet2016-03-22T04:37:28+08:00