Podicare Podiatry Clinic in Mundaring was established in 1992.

Our friendly,welcoming and caring approach is a standout attribute of our practice.

We maintain in the highest standards in clinical sterilisation and hygiene.

Our Podiatists are committed to remaining up to date with professional and medical advances.

The Podicare clinic is a general practice podiatry clinic providing all aspects of general podiatry care.

We stock a range of foot and orthotic friendly shoes.

We are suppliers of foot care products to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Podiatry Care at Podicare

Podicare is a General Practice Podiatry Clinic and we see all types of foot and leg problems, from babies to elderly, from sports people to the gently active.

Podiatry is an area of primary healthcare that deals with problems related to the foot and leg, regardless of it being located in the skin, nails, muscles  or  related to the bony and joint alignment. Podiatrists also look at the way people walk, run and stand, and the factors that impact on these.

Some of the common problems we see are related to

Diabetes and chronic disease which can impact on foot health.

The child’s foot/ leg  with concerns of activity related or development pain.

Gait and  leg /foot alignment, and provide orthotics or insoles as required.

Ingrown toenails, damaged toe nails and skin problems.

Heel pain treatment and recovery programs.

Sporting injuries prevention, recovery and rehabilitation.

Medical pedicures for problematic skin and toenails

We’ll have you walking on air at Podicare