Foot Orthotics: what you need to know

Why you should know custom prescription orthotics from preformed and insoles. Casting for orthotics These days the term “Foot Orthotics” is widely applied to anything is inserted into a shoe. It has been adopted by clever marketers to sell simple and moulded insoles. Unfortunately, this bundles together a group of devices that are [...]

Foot Orthotics: what you need to know2017-04-21T02:07:07+08:00

Fungal Nails, Laser and Podicare

At Podicare, we do not use laser treatments on fungal nails and let me tell you why. Laser is a relatively new treatment in the battle against toenail fungus (onychomycosis) and like any new therapy for a chronic problem it has lots of promise and hope. Unfortunately, goodwill is not enough to prove it works. [...]

Fungal Nails, Laser and Podicare2017-04-21T02:07:07+08:00

Corns and Callous Number 1 for Podiatrists

The most common of the foot conditions : Corns and Callous The one condition that Podiatrists definitely see the most is corns and callous. Here I discuss the reasons that they are so common and the difference between them. Corns and Callous are the same condition- hyperkeratosis- a hard overgrowth of the top layer [...]

Corns and Callous Number 1 for Podiatrists2017-04-21T02:07:07+08:00